Schedule A Time To Talk 1 on 1 with an FSP

We understand the isolation felt in raising a child with a social, emotional, behavioral, or mental health challenge. Parents and caregivers report that during particularly difficult moments, they feel even more alone.


But it doesn’t have to stay that way.


The PA Parent and Family Alliance is here to help. Schedule a call with one of our Family Support Partners (FSPs), and you’ll speak with a compassionate, trained parent advisor who will listen and talk through your concerns in complete confidence.


You can talk with your FSP about your worries and concerns surrounding your child’s behavior, receive input on balancing your family’s challenges, guide you in finding appropriate services in your area and/or for a specific diagnosis.


Need someone to listen? You may also utilize your Family Support Provider as a sounding board who will listen as you talk through your options in sending your child back to school or other concerns.


Our Family Support Partners get it. They use their training and real-world experience of raising a child with a variety of challenges to guide you to the right solutions and support for you and your family.


Schedule a call today, and we’ll call you at your selected time.

You will receive an email confirmation after scheduling your call time, which will contain all additional details regarding your appointment.


*Please note: The Parent Support Line is not a crisis line. If your question or situation is urgent and requires immediate assistance or support, please dial 911.